Girl wearing a 'Future Tophy Wife' message t-shirt

Some clothes cost more
than you think

Girls self-confidence drops from 36% to 14% between grades 6 to 10. 1

6: The age some girls say they want to look "sexy". 2

60% of girls think they are "too fat"... when they are actually too thin. 3

Some clothes cost more than you think.

The As We Are Project empowers girls to think critically about gender stereotypes, challenge sexist media messages, identify their own personal strengths, and find their voice. In workshops, girls created more than 100 unique t-shirts with positive, empowering messages they are proud to wear. We have selected four designs to share with you! 100% of the net proceeds from your t-shirt purchase or donation will help girls in Canada move into confidence and leadership through the Canadian Women's Foundation Girls' Fund.

Girls are bombarded with media and advertising messages that are disempowering and limit their full potential. These messages reinforce the idea that girls’ main value comes from their appearance rather than their intelligence, critical thinking skills, creativity – who they are.

Watch the full As We Are story and meet the inspiring girls who are sharing their own voices.